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Sheila Martin

Are you feeling scared and anxious right now?

I felt that way too, for a very long time.

A few years ago, I was standing in a clothing store, hanging onto a rack of dresses and trying desperately not to cry out, from the pain of a fibroid twisting on its stalk.

I’d “toughed it out” through many years of difficult periods, but these episodes of knife-like pain were becoming unbearable.

Enough was enough. It was time to move forward with a long-postponed hysterectomy.

That decision set me on an exhaustive search to find out everything I could about what was involved in the surgery and how I could best take care of myself, before and after. Not just physically, but with all the emotional storms as well.


I'm Sheila Martin and I'm glad you're here ...



What I discovered is that there are many things you can do to both prepare well and to recover well from a hysterectomy. Little things that make a big difference.

What’s more … gaining this knowledge is a way for you to take control … in a situation that feels so very out of control.

Most women never take the time to educate themselves. But you are doing that now.

You’re online searching. You’re reading this. And you really have the commitment and determination to take responsibility for the parts of this experience that are within your own control.


Sheila and her granddaughter

Me with my granddaughter



When I was preparing for my own hysterectomy, I found that I had more questions than answers. I tried researching on the Internet, but was overwhelmed by too much information. And my local library seemed to mostly have books that focused on the “hysterectomy hoax” … which was distressing, since it was crystal clear that a hysterectomy was the right solution for me (indeed my only solution).

So, being a writer, and with lots of time on my hands during my recovery, I decided to put together my own package … the guide I wished I’d had in the days before my own surgery.



With surgery, of course, there are always risks. And things can definitely go wrong. (I learned that this year after my gall bladder surgery!)

But I do believe that we have it within our power to strengthen our odds.

How? By heading into surgery and recovery time as prepared as you can be…

  • You know what to expect (and so your anxiety goes down)
  • You know what questions to ask (which will help to quiet your fears)
  • You’re better organized (which makes you more relaxed)
  • You see your recovery not as an ordeal to be gotten through, but as a time of renewal

I’m not a doctor and I’m not offering you any medical advice. What I am is an ordinary woman who was worried (naturally) and who also happens to be a rabid researcher and obsessive organizer!

So I’ve gathered a terrific collection of good advice and wisdom from Real Women like you and me … and pulled it together into an easy-to-read guide that you can download today.

I call it The Worried Woman’s Guide to a Happy Hysterectomy.

Once you start to educate yourself, you will go from feeling at the mercy of your body — and the medical system — to a woman who knows what questions to ask, and who feels confident in her own decisions.

As well, you’ll be taking some simple, practical steps that will improve both your preparation and your post-op recovery.

So if this sounds like you, then you’re clearly serious about taking good care of yourself.

And that’s why the Guide I’ve put together might be a good fit for you.

Whatever you decide, thanks so much for visiting, and all the best to you.


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