Whether you’re a reader of the Worried Woman’s Guide, or a visitor passing through, here are some additional resources that may help you through your journey.

Recommended Gadgets & Gizmos

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1. Download “Gadgets and Gizmos” (free)

Be sure to download my current list of Recommended Gadgets & Gizmos.

In this short PDF, I share links to hardware or infoproducts designed to help relieve stress, calm panic attacks, and more: The emWave 2 Personal Stress Reliever, Panic Away, Subliminal MP3s and Fibroids Miracle.

2. Prepare Your Recovery Room

Wedge Pillow Readers have recommended these wedge pillows, available at Dr. Leonard’s online. The blurb on their website says: “Doctors recommend elevated sleeping positions for relief of acid reflux, snoring, sinus problems and indigestion. The Sleep Wedge provides 5″ of graduated height at optimum elevation for proper drainage. The Sleep Wedge will provide healthier and more comfortable nights of sleep.” You may also be able to find a similar pillow at your local medical supply store.


Donut Cushion

Donut Cushion If you’re also having bladder repair, your doctor may recommend you get a special “donut” cushion for a more comfortable convalescence. This one is also from Dr. Leonard’s online. They say: “This memory foam donut cushion makes any seat the most comfortable seat in the house. It conforms to your natural body contours and keeps its shape to provide extra support during long periods of sitting. Provides support for tailbone and an aid for those who suffer from hemorrhoids.”

Tilt-Top Table


Tilt Table

I found these tilt-top tables at a gift site, called Once you get to the site, search for Tilt Top and you’ll see this table. You might also find them in a medical supply store or even a department store, such as Wal-Mart. A tilt-top table turns out to be useful for meals in bed, reading, playing on an iPad or tablet, writing notes, and a lot more.

3. Feeling Comfy

Comfortable Panties to Wear After Surgery

You want panties that will not bind or pinch your incision. I just wore my regular Jockeys, which are nice and stretchy.

Other readers recommend Love Pats (from K-Mart or Wal-Mart) and LIFE undies (from Target). You might want to buy them a size larger than normal.

Swelly Belly Band

Over at HysterSisters, they’ve designed the Swelly Belly Band: “The Swelly Belly Band will provide you with comfort, support and cool relief from many of the discomforts during recovery from abdominal hysterectomy.”

I don’t have any experience with this myself, but a lot of women swear by it.

4. Healing Herbs and Supplements

Scar Solutions

Although I didn’t use a commercial scan cream myself, I’ve heard good reports. The manufacturers claim this is the same technology used by plastic surgeons and burn centers.

I used to suggest Neosporin Scar Solution (U.S.) or Polysporin Scar Solution (Canada), but both products seem to have disappeared from the market.

Amazon has a number of scar solution products. For instance, check out the silicone sheets by Scaraway. (Note that they come in different lengths. This is the long length.)

If you prefer a natural solution, Dr. Debra Gibson (a Vancouver practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine), highly recommends lavender essential oil.

Recovery Supplement

Remember the Recovery supplement I mentioned in the eBook? You can find it in many pharmacies in Canada. You can also order it from the Recovery website. And yes, they do mail order to the U.S.

I’m a huge fan of this product. In fact, we successfully used Recovery SA (Small Animal) to help our cat, Bambi, recover from a swollen mouth.

Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy is a homeopathic solution, made from flower essences, that is designed to help calm the emotions in times of stress. It is widely used around the world, both for humans and for animals.

As some herbs and supplements should not be taken right before surgery, be sure to check with your surgeon or anesthetist for their recommendation on if/when to stop taking Rescue Remedy before surgery.

5. Menopause and HRT

Menopause Resource Guide

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has created a comprehensive “Menopause Resource Guide”.

The navigation system is not very user-friendly, but look closely and you’ll see links to sections on like “Menopausal Hormone Therapy,” “Menopause and Mental Health,” and more.

HRT or Not?

If you’re not sure whether or not to take HRT, have a look at this article by Tara Parker-Pope (writer of “Health Journal” for the Wall Street Journal), What Should You Do Now? Some Answers About HRT. Here’s how it begins:

After reading countless news reports about the health risks associated with hormone-replacement therapy, a friend recently lamented that she’s still confused. “I wouldn’t know what to advise my 69-year-old Mom,” she says.

6. Sex!


Better Sex After Hysterectomy, Says Study

Check out this informative article, posted on the WebMD website. It’s intriguing to learn that “Sex after hysterectomy was better, regardless of the surgical procedure they had.”

Hysterectomy Post-Op Intimacy at HysterSisters

HysterSisters now has a special section dedicated to post-op intimacy after a hysterectomy. There are discussions, links, and articles. A supportive, private place to air your concerns.

You Need a Budget7. You Need a Budget

Having a hysterectomy can be expensive. What with medical costs, time off work, perhaps extra child care, and more, your finances can take a big hit.


So you might need to pay closer than usual attention to your money management. I’ve tried just about everything, from Quicken to Mint to Wave, and more. Hands down, my #1 pick for personal finance software is You Need a Budget.

The folks at You Need a Budget (aka YNAB) are on a mission: to change the way you think about money.

After a few false starts, I am now 100% committed to the YNAB way of managing our money.

8. Fun and Inspiration

TUT … Notes from the Universe

Notes from the Universe are personalized emails that come to you each Monday to Friday, written in the voice of “the Universe.” Here’s a TUT (Totally Unique Thought) that came to me recently….

It’s pretty much always been the same, Sheila: First there’s the life review, then there’s the homecoming parties and happy tears flowing like Niagara Falls, and finally… the sudden and profound realization that throughout their entire life all things were, indeed, possible, and that such a concept wasn’t just wishful, part-time, feel-good thinking. It’s quite the “Kodak Moment”. Whoops, here comes another one. Tissues everyone! Tallyho, The Universe.

Author Mike Dooley has a laugh-out-loud style. After a while, you’ll find that your whole attitude to life has changed. When you sign up, be sure to enter your real first name and your two biggest dreams. You’ll soon see why!

Infinite Possibilities

At Amazon, in audio, book, Kindle, and CD formats

At Amazon, in audio, book, Kindle, and CD formats

Before I went for surgery, Mom treated me to the Infinite Possibilities CD set by Mike Dooley (the “Notes from the Universe” author and one of the stars of the movie, “The Secret”). Infinite Possibilities was a delightful contribution to my smooth recovery. And it’s an ongoing treasure.

Well, that’s it for today. Do you have any other suggestions for this page? Be sure to let me know.

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