Readers’ Stories

Bonus #2 – Readers’ Real Life Stories

It was Hallowe’en night, 5:09 pm.

I had literally just put the finishing touches on my third eBook and uploaded it to my Digital Download service. I’d written a sales page, and prepared an “ad” to be shown on the sides of the pages of Google, when people searched on the word “hysterectomy.”

My neck was tight with tension. Was I doing the right thing to be publishing the story of my own surgery? Would people find any value in the tips? Would they help anyone?

With great trepidation, I typed the ad into my Google AdWords account, and sat for a moment with my finger poised over the “Submit” button. I knew that the ad would first need to be reviewed by someone at Google, but as soon as that happened, my ad would be “live” and people would start to see it … and maybe click on the ad to go to my sales page … and just maybe, decide that they wanted a copy of A Worried Woman’s Guide to a Happy Hysterectomy.

Saying a little prayer, and taking a big breath … I clicked.

42 minutes later, I had my first sale! And the next day I had my first “thank you” letter on the eBook.

Since then, I’ve had more than three thousand thank you emails from readers. Yes, I’ve also had a few angry letters from women (non-customers) who are strongly opposed to the very idea of hysterectomies. But I’ve learned the truth of that old wisdom: You have to do what’s right for you.

And the letters of appreciation are so numerous — and so warm. Some of them were also filled with great tips that I wanted to include in a new edition of Happy Hyst. But every time I tried to rewrite them in my own words, they didn’t sound as good. So I just decided to ask permission to use the excerpts word for word.

The result? Readers’ Real Life Stories: 23 Wild Women, a Nun (and 1 Bold Man) Brave the Frontiers of Hyster-Land and Return to Tell the Tale. Many readers have written to tell me it’s their favorite part of the package. Maybe it will be yours too…