Concerned About Your Hysterectomy and Recovery?

Introducing a Guide Book for Hysterectomy Recovery
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The Worried Woman's Guide ... A Road Map to Follow

Right now, you probably can’t imagine a time, a couple of weeks after your hysterectomy, when you wake up smiling and saying: “I’m SO glad I did that!” … but that’s a message I hear just about every day.

Hi, I’m Sheila Martin, author of The Worried Woman’s Guide to a Happy Hysterectomy. You know, since publishing the Guide, I have received over 3,400 emails from wonderful women who’ve written to tell me about their hysterectomy recovery time and to thank me for “telling it like it is.”

What amazes me is how many of those thank you emails have come from women who’ve picked up the Worried Woman’s Guide after their hysterectomy. It seems they really like the advice on how to have a smooth recovery … and the stories from other women about the physical and emotional upheaval make them feel less alone.


Below are just a small sampling of those emails, every one of which I treasure. (I’ve highlighted some of my favorite bits, to make it easier for you to skim the page.) Now, let me introduce you to some of my “Hysterectomy Heroines”

Happy Hysterectomy - Guide
Eileen Rule
Eileen Rule Woodbridge, CT

It helped calm my nerves…


Hi Sheila,

Thank you very much for writing to me. I had an abdominal hysterectomy last Thurs. and am just now checking my email from the last couple of weeks. I was able to download your book without any problems.

Your book was soooo helpful !!! I really enjoyed reading it ( and re-reading it …). It was very informative and it helped calm my nerves. My Dr. was great at answering my questions and I am an R.N. so I know a little about the procedure but your book took it one step further and gave great info on the emotions I would be having and really helped me with organizing myself and my family.

Thank you for writing such a helpful book.

Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones Indianapolis, IN

It helped me organize a plan of action…


I am writing to let you know. You ebook was wonderful! I recently (Dec) had a complete abdominal hysterectomy. I really wasn’t scared, BUT your book made it a lot less traumatic. With my problems, I was very excited to get it done, and wanted to race my surgeon to the operating room! Oh, if that bed had remote control and wheels!

Anyway, the surgeon found a really bad case of endometriosis, but all was repaired with no problems. Getting back to the book… helped me organize my plan of action before and after the surgery, my visitors signed in when they came, even though I might have been too drugged to talk to them.

I can honestly say that my surgery was a fun experience and partly because of this book. While in the hospital I recommended it to everyone I came in contact with, and even the doctors and nurses, too! I like the way it was written, how it flowed, and how true it was- not hype and sugar. You told it very accurately on the experiences and I am happy to have found out about it! It seemed to make the whole experience a very planned, organized event with very little stress.

If you decide to include my comments in your website, all the other “hyster sisters” will know what a good book you have and I highly recommend it!

Thanks for everything!

Michele Paul
Michele Paul Pineville, LA

Worth its weight in gold

Before I purchased your eBook, I went out looking at my local library and bookstores for something comparable and failed miserably. To others I would like to let them know that it is a waste of time looking for something else like this thinking it will be better and/or cheaper…a big waste of time!!!

Christina Lihani
Christina Lihani Colorado Springs, CO

Your book was a giant, positive-filled breath of air…

Dear Sheila Martin,

I am accepting your invitation to write to you now that my surgery is past. I want to briefly outline my history. This is for the purpose of impressing upon you how quickly this hysterectomy happened to me – and how important your e book was.

A gynecological Oncologist saw me on a Thursday and scheduled a complete hysterectomy for the following Tuesday. I had four days to adjust my thinking. I was uncharacteristically confused and afraid. I spent hours on the internet trying to find helpful information. (To no avail.) Several woman who had had the operation told me about their own experiences — which seemed to run from “just plain awful” to “hideous.”

My fears turned to tears.

Just a couple of days before my surgery – I found your e book. This is where the story gets good! Suddenly I had this quick reference to all the things that would likely happen to me. I knew what to bring, what not. I had new mental pictures of the stages I might likely progress through. I was armed with simple, matter of fact tips and ideas. Most of all, I understood that there were many, many women who had gone through this surgery without incident. It was all about focusing on healing and being better than ever!

Your book was a giant, positive-filled breath of air. This is where the story gets better!

Tuesday’s operation whizzed by (no cancer!) and I slept. Wednesday morning I was done with the catheter and the I.V. drips and was walking the halls. I think I stunned everybody! Thursday morning I was home again. Seven days later I went back to have the 15 shiny staples taken out. Everyone kept saying how brave I was and how upbeat I was.

I would like you to know Sheila, that I told everybody I came in contact with that your book was the positive influence that made this whole operation seem routine and easy. I am cheerfully recommending this book to everyone I know who might need it. I’ll be seeing my regular doctor today and I intend to give her the URL which leads to your book so that hopefully she would recommend this book to her hysterectomy candidates. Thank you for taking the time to create this book for all of us.

Chris Dunn
Chris Dunn Vaughan, ON

A Husband Writes…

You can add my name to the list of grateful husbands. If you think your women readers are confused about this topic, imagine the

husbands that are trying to figure out how to support them.

This workbook was a Godsend.

Thanks again.

Karen Brier
Karen Brier Atlanta, GA

It makes me feel less worried…

I love your eBOOK and have been using it to get prepared for the surgery on Monday. It makes me feel less worried that I’m going to forget something!

Your writing style is witty, relaxed and intelligent. I’m really grateful for your work and leading the way for the rest of us!

Carolyn Smith
Carolyn Smith Irondale

I read it 6 times cover to cover…


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your book ” woman’s Guide to a Happy Hysterectomy”. I don’t know what I would have done without it.

I read it 6 times cover to cover before I had my surgery and I have read it again since coming home.

… Please keep me in your prayers. Would love to keep in touch. Thank you again for your wonderful book.


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Michelle Mehrar
Michelle Mehrar Bloomington, IN

I came through my surgery with Flying Colors!

Dear Sheila, Am writing to you, now that I have had my total Hysterectomy. Thanks to your WONDERFUL book/Guide that you offered on the Internet…I came through my surgery with FLYING COLORS! I can’t tell you how ACCURATE your book was…everything you spoke of was EXACTLY how it all went down! It TRULY put my mind at ease and made for a speedy recovery!

I had my surgery on May 2nd. and am doing GREAT! The one thing I did take seriously in your book was to exercise as MUCH as you could before surgery…I did just that! I hired myself a trainer at my local gym and worked out every other day for three months BEFORE my surgery!

I had my surgery at 7:30 am and by 10:30 pm I was out of bed and walking up and down the hospital hall ways!

The nursing staff told me that this was UN-HEARD of! But I felt SO good! It greatly helped with my recovery! …

I can NOT tell you thank you enough for your wonderful book/guide that you made available on the Internet! The pages to help remember who sent you what and who helped out with what, were VERY helpful!

I used your book/guide from page to finish and in closing, I say, THANK YOU for making this information available to all us women out there who are faced with having this surgery, for it TRULY made ALL the difference for me!!! Keep up the good work and I wish for you all the very best in life!

Sincerely, Michelle A. Merhar 🙂  

Michelle McDonald
Michelle McDonald Vernet Les Bains, France

… a wonderful mine of information, common sense and the truth

Dear Sheila

Until i read your book i thought i was fully prepared for what was to come.

I live in the pyrenees mountains in France and i am having my hysterectomy operation (abdominal op) next Friday 24th February. My darling husband found your book on line and thought it would be of benefit to me as you had experienced it all, so therfore knew your onions so to speak. I however thought i knew all there was to know and felt fully prepared for my forthcoming adventure. HOW WRONG WAS I !

My mother had undergone this operation albeit thirty years ago but it coulnd,t be so different nowadays surely. Well lets just say the extent of my preparations were the equivalent of having a baby. Done that before so i knew what was to come.

So i am so grateful that my husband discovered you just in time to save me.

Your book is a wonderful mine of information, common sense and the truth. I have read the book through and am reading it again. My plan is to follow your very wise advice. Thanks to you my kitchen had a thorough clean yesterday. Previously my thought was well my husband will probably not clean as i would (bless him) so i will leave it until i am better and tackle myself, (silly me eh) so today Saturday i plan to clear out all our wardrobes and cupboards, whilst they need it, it also gives a feeling of satisfaction and i know now that i can enter next week with a calm and prepared mind for the big day.

I will send you another e mail with my experience when i recover a little.

Many many thanks to you Sheila !

Speak soon

Michelle McDonald

Like many readers, Michelle did write to me again after her hysterectomy recovery …

Michelle McDonald
Michelle McDonald Vernet Les Bains, France

I am still reading and digesting helpful and useful tips for post op…

Dear Sheila

So to you Sheila i remain truly grateful because thanks to you and your wonderful book of sensible advice my hysterectomy operation went better than i could ever have imagined due to the positive frame of mind i adopted prior to going into hospital. All the things that you advised plus your readers personal experiences worked a treat.

Please you women out there buy a copy of this wonderful book. I am still reading and digesting helpful and useful tips for post op rest and relaxation.

All the best you ladies !

A very big thank you Sheila and good luck with your future publications

Kylie Raybould
Kylie Raybould West Midlands, England

It makes me feel less worried…

Hi Sheila

Just a quick note to say Thanks for writing this book I’m due to have op on 9th Jan, I sat up last night reading it and could not put it down, all my unanswered questions and worries are starting to to become a little clearer and easier, thanks again.

will let you know how it goes

Kylie Raybould West Midlands, England

PS I’m only 35 and feel I’m too young but medical professionals have advised me it’s the best thing has I have severe pre cancerous cells, I’ve done the medical reseach and have to agree with them!! your book will help and your tips will be priceless, thanks again x

Teri Donaldson
Teri Donaldson Orion, MI

My doctor was amazed at how prepared I was…

I had my final doctor’s visit yesterday before my December 20, 2005 hysterectomy. I took your list of questions to ask. My doctor was amazed at how prepared I was and the types of questions I asked!

I also have your list of things to take to the hospital next to my overnight bag so I don’t forget anything important!

Thank you, again, for providing me with such wonderful and complete information! It helps to ease my nervous mind!!! 

Helen Camardella
Helen Camardella Kirkville, NY

[Nothing] reassured me the way your book did…


Thank you for checking on my download problem . my husband solved it. we have a mac so i had to do it different. I have read your book .. It is very good. i am having surgery the week after Christmas . I am 42 years old with bleeding fibroids.I wish medical science has come further and I had another option. I am thankful for your book It made me feel better about the operation. I have asked my husband to read it.

I wanted to tell you that I went to Barnes and Noble a bookstore in town and the Public Library and did not find anything that reassured me the way your book did. I hope to contact you after the surgery to touch base ..

Thank you .. Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Helen Camardella

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Sabrina Hill
Sabrina Hill San Jose, CA

Everyone wanted to know where I had gotten so much great information…

Dear Sheila,

Your reply was so kind. I’m 3 days post-surgical, and I can’t believe how great I feel. The hardest part is remembering not to overdo it, but my DH has made it his personal mission to keep me “down.” So, I’m watching movies, knitting a small felted purse, slowly, and drinking lots of water.

The “Recovery” hasn’t arrived yet, but it sounds like the perfect treatment for this surgery, since rampant inflammation seems to be par for the course.

Thanks again for your terrific book. I printed it out and have it next to my bed. I also gave your website name out to my doctors and every nurse on the surgical floor (my surgery was done at a place that specializes in women’s health issues, so they do a lot of hysterectomies). Everyone wanted to know where I had gotten so much great information, not to mention all the forms!


Sabrina Hill San Jose, CA

PS- The pathology report indicated that everything was benign, but my uterus weighed over 1000g! (yes, one thousand) No wonder I felt like $&*! for so long!

Sue Stacey
Sue Stacey St. Paul, Minnesota

Relieved My Mind

Hello! I just wanted to tell you how WONDERFUL your Happy Hysterectomy Package is!

It has much relieved my mind and I’m in the process of doing lots of prep with its guidance. THANKS!

Jean Yake
Jean Yake Marion, OH

My husband thanks you too…

Thanks you so much for writing your book, AND making it available and my husband thanks you too.

Now he doesn’t have to ask any questions he doesn’t know…….THANKS-Jean

Diana Dickman
Diana Dickman Marion, OH

I’m much more prepared and relaxed now….

Hello Sheila,

Yes, I was able to download and print your e-book the day before I met with my surgeon. Your book is great. I have never had any kind of surgery ever! and would never know what questions to ask had it not been for your book.

I’m scheduled for surgery a week from Monday so I’m really concentrating on getting your book read before I enter the “Castle”. Thanks for all your helpful advice and the Lists in the Tool Kit. I’m much more prepared and relaxed now that I have your information and know what to expect.

Thanks, Diana

Jack M. Wade
Jack M. Wade

As a man, we have NO clue about how a woman feels…

Subject: Your book rules !!


My name is Jack Wade and my lovely wife, Patty (46), is having an Abdominal Hysterectomy on Monday, March 21. She downloaded your book yesterday and we both read it last night. I’m not sure how many letters you get from husbands but I wanted to tell you how informative and soothing your book was.

As a man, we have NO clue about how a woman feels during this time but you put it such simple terms that even I could understand it. A lot of the things you said to do we have already done but there were a number of things we did not think of so the check off lists at the back are invaluable. I am my wife’s DH (dear husband) and my mother-in-law is my DH (darling helper).

Anyway, I just wanted to write and thank you for the book. It has been a tremendous help and I would recommend it to anyone that is getting a hysterectomy. Make sure you read it as a couple because it will make you think about what your wife is getting ready to go thru and how you can help.

Thanks again,

Jack M. Wade

Lori Pilvines
Lori Pilvines

What I really needed was some reassurance…

Hi Sheila,

Thank you for the email! Yes, I was able to download with no problems, and I am thoroughly enjoying your book. I will email you after surgery. And I really appreciate all the helpful advice.

This is what I have been looking for! I’ve read enough about the medical facts. What I really needed was some reassurance from someone who had been through it.

Thank you! Lori Pilvines–Surgery Date: March 15

Debi Keskel
Debi Keskel

I’ve had to do NOTHING for 3 weeks straight!

Hi Sheila,

Yes I was able to download the e-Book without any problems. I have started reading it and making notes and will have my DH and DD (dear daughter!) read it before next Friday when I have the surgery. I am having an abdominal, have had 2 c-sections and kept thinking this would be no big deal! I just saw the part where people said it was very different! Ahhhhhhh! I keep thinking I’m superwoman and it will be no big deal!

I’ve started to really talk to myself about letting that go and letting myself have the time I need to make sure I heal properly! I’m very blessed with a wonderful DH and two wonderful DD who I know will take wonderful care of me! Thanks for sharing your info. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far!

Debi Keskel Yorktown, VI


P.S. I forgot to add that my husband and two daughters read it also and because of all you wrote I’ve had to do NOTHING for 3 weeks straight! They truly understand what happened, and what is happening to me! That in itself is priceless!

Thanks again! Debi

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