The Worried Woman's Guide to a Happy Hysterectomy

The Worried Woman's Guide to a Happy Hysterectomy

Over the last few years, the Guide has helped thousands of women around the world to prepare better for their hysterectomy, and to recover more smoothly.

My readers come from all walks of life: teachers, homemakers, artists, professional women. Even nuns!

Most surprisingly to me, I’ve had several dozen nurses write to thank me for publishing Happy Hyst! They knew all the medical information, but needed help with the emotional journey.

5 Reasons to Read This Guide

You’re Scared and Confused. And That’s Perfectly Normal

But you already know two important things: (1) that learning what to expect will help to calm you, and (2) that it’s good to hear other women’s stories.

As well, the more you know, the better questions you can ask your medical team, and the better prepared you’ll be … which will certainly ease your fears.


Most People Say a Hysterectomy is No Different From Any Other Surgery. They’re Wrong.

Unless your doctor/family member/friend has gone through a hysterectomy themselves, they really don’t have a clue what you’re going through now.

Having a hysterectomy is not just a physical experience, you see. Because our reproductive organs are central to being a woman, losing them means that you’re on an emotional journey too. And you need a different kind of support for that.

You Only Have One Chance to Recover Well. So It’s Important to Know How To Do That.

If you’ve previously had other surgeries, you may underestimate the time and carefulness needed during your recovery time. Especially if you’re having an abdominal hysterectomy, or if there are unforeseen complications. (Rare, but something to be aware of.)

Naturally, your own doctor will be the one to advise you on the specifics of your unique recovery path, but I believe you’ll find the Guide to be a wealth of information on the general do’s and don’ts of hysterectomy recovery time.

Say Goodbye to Overwhelm. Say Hello to Organization.

There’s no shortage of advice online. But after you’ve devoured too much of it, your head may be swimming!

The Guide takes you step-by-step through the whole process — in order — from preparation, to your hospital stay, to recovery time at home.

And the handy checklists (in the Bonus Tool Kit) will keep you organized … which means much less stress.

Help Your Support Team to Help You

As you go through the Guide, you’ll be able to visualize your whole journey, from pre-op to full recovery.

You’ll get a clear sense of what needs to be done at each stage … and who you might be able to call on for support.

All this information is especially important for women who live alone, or have small children (or pets), or who work in busy jobs.


“Sheila, I purchased your e-book on Jan 8 — the day I found I had to have a hysterectomy. I want to tell you, now that I’m one week from surgery, that it was worth every penny and more.

I have read through it so many times (I’m a fast reader!) … and did basically everything you suggested. Doing this has added immeasurably to my peace of mind.

Your candid information about everything, from shaves to gas-passing, has prepared me so well that I am sure I will sail through this. This is not a feeling I expected to have … If there is somewhere that I can post to other women what a help this e-book is, please let me know.

Lauraine Woods

Thank you for this eBook!

“I can’t begin to thank you for making this eBook available for women having a hysterectomy. I was in what could only be described as a frenzied panic about my procedure, and looking desparately for someone or something to help me navigate this time. After reading the book all the way through, I felt this calm come over me! I stopped shrieking at my husband that I was cancelling my surgery, that I was scared, and that life would never be the same. I started quoting the book to him… I did not realize that he had been reading it himself! I am now one week post-surgery, and while I have a distance to travel yet, I feel confident that I can do this! Thanks for showing me the way.”

Dana Shepka

Macedonia, OH

What Exactly IS the Worried Woman's Guide?

If you’re like most of us, the absolute scariest part of the whole experience was BEFORE the surgery … anticipating what might go wrong, wondering how you and your family will cope during your recovery time, and worrying about the inescapable pain and discomfort and disruption you’re letting yourself in for.

I’ve learned a lot — from my own experiences, from talking with other women, and from reading everything I can get my hands on.

But you might not have as much time to research as I did, so I’ve captured the best of that advice to give you a quick and easy Road Map to follow in your own journey.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn in your downloadable package: “The Worried Woman’s Guide to a Happy Hysterectomy”…

Chapter 1 — So You’re Having a Hysterectomy

  • My Story
  • Your Story
  • It’s Your Responsibility


Chapter 2 — Preparing for Your Surgery

  • 3 Different Kinds of Hysterectomy
  • Abbreviations
  • Get All Your Questions Answered
  • Get Fit — Physically and Mentally
  • Imagine Your Ideal Surgery and Recovery
  • Educate Your Family
  • Plan Child Care
  • Plan the Family Meals
  • To Do Before You Go
  • Set Up Your Recovery Room
  • Pack for the Hospital
  • Relax on the Night Before Surgery

Chapter 3 — Your Hospital Stay

  • Pre-Op Tests and Evaluation
  • Herbs and Supplements
  • Surgery Day
  • Questions for the Anesthetist
  • About Shaving
  • About the IV
  • The Operating Room
  • Getting a Catheter
  • The Recovery Room
  • Settling into Your Hospital Room
  • Visitors?
  • Should Your Husband Stay Overnight?
  • Fluids and Hospital Food
  • Getting Mobile Again
  • Neck Pain
  • More Pillow Talk
  • Stitches, Staples and Glue
  • Drains
  • Peeing for the First Time
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Breathing
  • Controlling Your Pain
  • Patient-Controlled Analgesia
  • Side-Effects of Pain Medication
  • “Ouch, that hurts!” … the Dreaded Gas Attack
  • Please Release Me!
  • Clothes to Wear Home
  • The Discharge Process
  • The Car Ride Home

Chapter 4 — Home Again

  • There’s No Place Like Home
  • The 3 Most Important Things to Do, Post-Op
  • You Gotta LOOK sick
  • “Help, I Gained 10 Pounds”
  • “Oh, My Aching Back”

Chapter 5 — On the Road to Recovery

  • Your Body is Healing Itself
  • Taking Care of Your Incision
  • “My Scar is Lumpy!”
  • Vaginal Discharge or Bleeding
  • The Dreaded “Swelly Belly” .. and What to Do About It
  • “Doctor, When Can I …?”
  • “What Counts as Heavy Lifting?”
  • Housework
  • “I’m So Tired”
  • Shop Till You Drop … But Not Yet
  • Driving
  • Exercise
  • A Few Words About Sex
  • Your Follow-up Appointment
  • “Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho … It’s Off to Work We Go”
  • The Blues
  • Getting Back to Normal Life

A comforting writing style…

“You have such a comforting writing style. It’s like a long, reassuring (and funny) letter from a best girlfriend.”

Diana Sparks

It helped me to feel as if I was back in control…

“Dear Sheila,

Thank you so much for your email. I did download all of the booklets successfully and proceeded to devour the information. As a result, I have canceled my surgery that was scheduled for January 24th. I want more time to obtain a second opinion, to get into fighting shape, and to prepare financially. I must thank you for writing this book – it helped me to feel as if I was back in control, and it allowed me to make educated decisions. I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.”

Mary Ellen Piscatello

Boca Raton, FL

The scariest thing I’ve ever gone through…

“I’ve done nothing but work myself into a total frenzy, finding nothing but negative information about hysterectomy on the net till I stumbled upon your link on Google. It made me stop and take a breath and relax some

This is by far the scariest thing I’ve ever gone through and the info in your book seemed so sensible and positive I had to have it. Thanks!”

Melanee Macioch

Baltimore, MD

Bonus #1 ... The Official Happy Hysterectomy Tool Kit

11 Essential Forms & Checklists

Are you a list-maker like me? I find that writing things down gets them out of my head, so it’s not so “noisy” in there.

Lots of times, if I do something that’s not on my list, I’ll write it down afterwards … just so I can cross it off!

If you’re a born organizer too, you’ll love this great set of 11 fill-in-the-blanks forms to get yourself ready for the big day….

The forms are an easy way to keep track of everything from questions for your doctor, to meal plans, to what to do on Surgery Day.

Many women have written to tell me that they too are list-makers … and how much the Tool Kit helped them.

And yes, they’re printer-friendly.


  • Call Log — You may want to use this sheet to keep track of people who call, write, or come to visit you, perhaps noting their offers of help, or special things you want to remember that they’ve said.
  • Child Care Cheat Sheet — Use this sheet to record information to help your spouse or other caregivers look after the kids.
  • Family To Do List (During My Recovery) — Use this form to figure out who will take over all the chores that you usually do!
  • Flowers, Cards and Gifts Received — Use this form to record everything you receive from wonderful friends and family.
  • Hospital Information for Callers — Keep this form near the phone so your family will be able to give information to callers about your surgery date, hospital visiting hours and more.
  • Important Phone Numbers — Use this form to list key contacts for your household, for easy access while you’re in the hospital or recovering (friends, dentists, kids’ school, and more).
  • Menus While I’m Recovering — This form is great for planning what your family will eat!
  • My Pre-Op Shopping List — Write down everything from groceries to a new nightgown to trashy novels to read!
  • My Pre-Op To Do List — Keep track of everything you want to do to prepare your family and household for the weeks of your surgery and recovery.
  • My Surgery Day “To Do” List — Here’s where you can make up a schedule or To Do list for the day of your surgery.
  • Questions for My Doctor — A handy place to make a list of questions or requests you want to discuss with your surgeon or GP BEFORE you go into the hospital


Bonus #2 ... Readers' Stories

23 Wild Women, a Nun, and 1 Bold Man Brave the Frontiers of Hyster-Land and Return to Tell the Tale

At last count, I’ve received over 3,395 thank you letters, testimonials and stories from women just like you … who made the Worried Woman’s Guide their “virtual coach” before and after surgery … and then kindly took the time to write to me.

To include all their stories would take hundreds of pages, so I’ve captured the Best of the Best for you.

They’re now collected into your Bonus #2: Readers’ Real Life Stories — 23 Wild Women, a Nun (and 1 Bold Man) Brave the Frontiers of Hyster-Land and Return to Tell the Tale.

I have a feeling you’re really going to love this new addition to the Happy Hyst package. There are so many different life situations and experiences, you’re bound to find stories you really relate to, with loads of helpful advice.


Some of these stories are so very personal. I am in awe of the generosity of these readers who were willing to share them…


  • Kay, who decided to postpone surgery
  • Barbara, who had to get the surgery done quickly, before her insurance expired
  • Terry, who reported on unexpected bleeding … and a happy update
  • A great tip from Crystal, to stop nausea

And so many more.





Forms in the Tool Kit

Readers' Stories



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