The Tool Kit

Are you a list-maker too? I find that writing things down gets them out of my head, so it’s not so “busy”.

Lots of times, if I do something that’s not on my list, I’ll write it down afterwards … just so I can cross it off!

If lists are a help to you, you’ll get a real head start on prepping for your surgery, with the Official Happy Hysterectomy Tool Kit: 11 Essential Forms and Checklists.

Scroll down the page to see a sample form.

Okay, here are the 11 forms you’re getting…

  • Log — You may want to use this sheet to keep track of people who call, write, or come to visit you, perhaps noting their offers of help, or special things you want to remember that they’ve said.
  • Child Care Cheat Sheet — Use this sheet to record information to help your spouse or other caregivers look after the kids.
  • Family To Do List (During My Recovery) — Use this form to figure out who will take over all the chores that you usually do!
  • Flowers, Cards and Gifts Received — Use this form to record everything you receive from wonderful friends and family.
  • Hospital Information for Callers — Keep this form near the phone so your family will be able to give information to callers about your surgery date, hospital visiting hours and more.
  • Important Phone Numbers — Use this form to list key contacts for your household, for easy access while you’re in the hospital or recovering (friends, dentists, kids’ school, and more).
  • Menus While I’m Recovering — This form is great for planning what your family will eat!
  • My Pre-Op Shopping List — Write down everything from groceries to a new nightgown to trashy novels to read!
  • My Pre-Op To Do List — Keep track of everything you want to do to prepare your family and household for the weeks of your surgery and recovery.
  • My Surgery Day “To Do” List — Here’s where you can make up a schedule or To Do list for the day of your surgery.
  • Questions for My Doctor — A handy place to make a list of questions or requests you want to discuss with your surgeon or GP BEFORE you go into the hospital

Here’s a sample form…